CRAJES is a creative team composed by Carla Rendón and Jessica Ruiz.

We got together as a team on 2009, we began our wanderings with experimental animation shorts, with time our bonding has increased giving place to a more consistent line of work.

We are self taught, we came from Psychology and Philosophy studies which became very handy on our later work.

Our style could be considered Lowbrow or Surrealistic Pop and our artistic philosophy always come from a concept that might be shown
or neglected at the final shape of our work.

We consider ourselves multidisciplinary, we came to think that because we have done projects that include very different media and we have covered pretty much the whole spectrum of techniques including animation, video art,
digital art, fineart, illustration, wall painting and sculpture.

We have been influenced by many things, movies, comic books, music … and social aspects that concern us and try to give expression to manifest ourselves through our work using imagination to disseminate our thoughts.


Anarkitty - Emma Geary
Katharina Arndt

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