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Alejandra Lunik
was born in Chile in 1973, but has always
lived in Buenos Aires.She studied fine arts at the National Fine Arts
School Manuel Belgrano and works as an illustrator since 1999.
Since then she has published illustrations and comics for magazines and
books from Argentina, Spain, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Her dreamlike, fantastic work is a fine example of the new
pop-surrealism-era, whose mainly US-based protagonists are
Marc Ryden, Lori Earley and Tara McPherson, only to name a few.
Her picture language is nontheless unique among those
in its cuddly, dozy yet always quite a bit scary atmosphere.


Some of her publishers are:
Editorial Atlántida
Ediciones Santillana
La Nación
Oxford University Press
Puerto de Palos
La Urraca
SM Ediciones


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