Solo Shows

FB69 Galerie, Münster
16th of May - 21st of June 2008 at Gallery Poulsen Copenhagen
2007 The Hornsleth Village Project, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen
2006 Another Year in L.A. Gallery, Los Angeles
        DDM, Shanghai
        Kaffi Solon Gallery, Rejkjavik, Iceland
2005 Valerie Cueto. Paris. January
        Galerie Steinrötter, Münster, Germany
2004 JF Gallerie. Zürich. June.
2004 Shanghai. The Hands in Clay Gallery. February.
2004 The Permanent Hornsleth Lounge Copenhagen. Party and events 12 times a year.
2003 The Hornsleth Private Lounge Parties
2003 Copenhagen, Knud Grothe
2002 New York. Baumgartner Gallery.
2002 London. Center of Attention with Tai Shani
2001 Berlin. Felix Leiter Gallery. Promi Paranoia
2001 Munich . Galerie Heitsch. My Collectors Are Richer Than Yours
2001 Zürich. JF. Galerie. Fucking Liars and Timeless Constructions
2001 Cologne. Galerie Mirko Mayer. R.K.S.B. or Rape Kill Steal Burn
2001 Copenhagen. Stalke Gallery. R.K.S.B. or Rape Kill Steal Burn
2000 Moscow Art Fair with Galerie Volker Diehl The Hornsleth Bucherer Jewelry Project
2000 Hamburg. Cobblestone Film Production GmbH. The Hornsleth Bucherer Jewelry Project
2000 Munich. Galerie Jörg Heitsch. Fuck You Art Lovers
1999 Copenhagen. Stalke Gallery. New Brandings
1998 Copenhagen. Paustian House. Nice paintings for nice homes. Catalogue
1997 Copenhagen. Stalke Gallery. Civilization critiques. Catalogue
1997 Denmark. Road show. Union of Danish Art Associations. Elaborated Copies From The Big Noise. Catalogue
1996 Copenhagen European Cultural Capital 1996. Futilistic Intervention – 1:1 architectural installation
1995 Copenhagen. Sophienholm. Cobra Space. The Hornsleth Death List

Group Shows

2004 "Three Ways out", Galerie Steinrötter with Weitzmann and Kourbanov
2004 Bruxelles Art Fair with Galerie Valerie Cueto
2004 Berlin. Podewil. Lies,Lust, Art & Fashion
2003 Albisola, Italy. Attese. Ceramic Biennale #2.
2002 Berlin. Potsdamer Platz. DKR U bahn tunnel project.
2002 Genève. Musèe Ariana. Ceramics from Italy
2001 Cologne. Art Cologne with Galerie Mirko Mayer
2001 Cologne. BBK. Bundesverband Bildende Kunst Köln with Thomas Kraft. Oktober.
2001 Albisola, Italy. Attese. Ceramic Biennale. The Happy Face of Globalisation.
2001 Tirana Bienale. Albania
2000 Berlin. Art Forum Berlin with Galerie Mirko Mayer
2000 Pescara, Italy. Fouri Uso 2000.
2000 Basel. Liste 2000 Stalke Gallery
2000 Pescara, Italy. Galerie Mirko Mayer. Fun Fame and Fortune
1999 Berlin. Art Forum Berlin. Galerie Volker Diehl
1999 Basel. Liste99. The Basel Art Fair with Stalke Gallery.
1999 Frankfurt. Art Frankfurt. New Attiudes. With Stalke Gallery.
1998 Copenhagen. Stalke Gallery 10 year jubilee show
1997 Stockholm Art fair
1996 Copenhagen. Stalke Gallery. Status 3.
1995 Vienna Architechture Festival


2004 Berliner Zeitung. Berlin. 10 Januar
2004 Denmarks Radio TV Deadline January
2003 Frederiksborg Amtsavis. Denmark 27 December
2003 Art Press. Paris. December
2003 Berlingske Tidende. Denmark. 3 December
2003 Euroman. Copenhagen. December.
2003 Romeo & Julie Magazine. Copenhagen. November
2003 Herning Folkeblad. Denmark 22 November
2003 B.T. Copenhagen. 6 November
2003 Citadel. Copenhagen. October 2003
2003 Ekstra Bladet. Copenhagen 22. September
2003 JP København. Copenhagen 23 September
2003 Villabyerne. Copenhagen. 17 September
2003 Denmarks Radio TV VIVA. May
2002 New York Times 100502
2002 KUNST The danish art magazine, coverstory. April issue.
2001 Kunst Jahr Buch 2001 Lindinger + Schmid pp.34
2001 Urban. Copenhagen news paper. 5.dec pp24
2001 Nat & Dag. Copenhagen. September.
2001 TV-Berlin 4 times 4 minutes from the Promi Paranoia Project in Gallery Felix Leiter
2001 SFB TV Berlin 3 minutes from the Promi Paranoia Project
2001 Berliner Zeitung 17. nov
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2001 Tip Berlin No.23 Kunst Highlights 8.nov.
2001 Süddetutsche Zeitung 30. oct
2001 Kölner Stadt Anzeiger 26. oct
2001 Abend Zeitung Munchen 24. oct
2001 Ekstra Bladet news paper Copenhagen 16.sep. 3rd section p.2
2001 JP Copenhagen 11. Sep. p.5
2001 Nat & Dag – Copenhagen cultural monthly magazine. Sep.
2001 Ekstra Bladet, Copenhagen 26 aug. p.12
2001 Blick Zürich 12. july p. 6
2001 Zürich Express 10. july p.20
2001 Kölner Stadtanzeiger Nr.155 8. july p.37
2001 ART das Magazin Germany. 7/2001 p.123
2001 Ticket. Magazine. Köln. Nr.27/2001 p.19
2001 PRINZ. Magazine. Köln. 7/01 p.68
2001 20 minuten –Time Out Magazine Köln 22 jun. 2001 p.18
2001 Berlingske Tidende news paper Copenhagen 30.may. Business section p.3
2001 Se & Hør Magazine Denmark 26. april .
2001 Prize presenter at The Danish Dance Awards 2001 for best international producer
2001 Jyllandsposten, Denmark. Frontpage of business section 17.april
2001 MAX Magazine. Germany No 9. 19/04
2001 Style and the Family Tunes. Berlin. No 37 February p.19
2000 Allegra Magazine Hamburg December
2000 IQ magazine Germany November
2000 Outfit MDR TV Germany October, 5 minute portrait
2000 SFB Berlin TV September ticker
2000 ELLE Germany March
2000 Amorphous Magazine Copenhagen. First edition. April.
1999 The Spectator London 231099
1999 Die Welt Germany 300999
1999 Süddeutsche Zietung Germany 011099
1999 021099 USA
1999 Politiken Copenhagen 150899
1999 Information Copenhagen 200899
1999 Flash Art Magazine. June edition pp.57. The Rolex Edition
1999 Léonce Fashion Magazine Berlin. December edition
1999 Flash Art Magazine. Advertizing project. September 1999 – may 2000

Selected Art Projects

2001 Big Brother Talk Show Live 12.10.2001 “Presenting Hornsleth Art”
2001 Big Brother House, Denmark. Hornsleth Paintings Installed 100 days.
2001 Brand association project with German actor Ben Becker
2001 SAXOBANK. Copenhagen. Integrated art in architecture
2000 Auction project Berlin
1999 Hornsleth Jewellery edition in collaboration with Bucherer Jewellery Company, Berlin


2001 Though 2004 Saxobank Copenhagen. An ongoing developing project

Art Groups

1999 Co-founder of PERMANENT VACATION - a Berlin art platform with Flash Art writer/critic Wolf-Günter Thiel.
1994 Founder of art group FSP: Futilistic Society Projects - Futilistic Society Publishing - Futilistic Sound Project.
1990 Co-founder of Juan Uno Etc. with Marco Evaristti and Benn Q.Holm

Concerts and Theatre

1999 Formations of Meaning. Sound paintings performed by F.S.P. at Stengade Copenhagen.
1998 Nice Music For Nice Homes. Sound works performed by FSP at Paustian, Copenhagen
1998 The Sound of Futilism. Solo piano work. Broendby Music school.
1995 Mariage of Heaven and Hell. Opera performance. Freely after William Blakes. Horsens New Theatre and The Second Opera, Copenhagen, Juan Uno Etc./ Teatro Negro.

Music editions

1999 Four Futlistic Sound Images- Live from Stengade Rock House. Copenhagen. CD 60 min.
1998 Nice Music For Nice Homes. Sound work. CD 63 min. recorded in Sun Studio by FSP. Also played in the National Radio of Denmark. Supported by the Danish State Music Council.
1997 Fucking A Minor. Solo piano works. CD 70 min. Sun Studio. København. FSP.


1999 Talks on Futilism. Video. 45 min. The Danish Film Workshop.
1999 Dildo demonstration #0.1 Video. 5 min. Hornsleth Berlin.
1996 Babylon96Copenhagen - S16 mm. 5 min. Collaboration with Marco Evaristti.. The Danish Institute Workshop.
1996 The Finger Phenomena.- S16 mm. 33 min. Collaboration in Marco Evaristti.The Danish Film Institue Workshop.


1998 The Danish State Art Foundation. The two year artist grant, The Danish State Music Council Grant, Danidas Artist-travelling grant
1997 L.F.Foughts foundation, The Danish State Art Foundation, The Danish Film Institute, The Workshop. 1996: Copenhagen Cultural Capital of 1996 Foundation
1995 The Danish Film Institute, The Workshop. 1995: The State Music Council