1998 Nice paintings for nice homes. Paustian 16pp FSP Copenhagen.
1998 About claming beautyfull things. Paustian News Dec. 1997.
1997 The Futilistic Manifest Bog 120 pp. Futilistic Society Publishing. Copenhagen.
1997 Civilization critiques. Catalogue 16 pp. Stalke Gallery. Copenhagen.
1997 Elaborated copies from the big noise -paintings of futilism. Catalogue 24 pp.
1996 La futilisme. Artikel Nova Magazine. January. Paris.
1996 The Stopped Show and a new ism Press Magazine. December 1995. Kaj Schmalbruch
1993 Die Awakenen sleep. Book 240 pp. Juan Uno Etc. Publishing.
1992 The Litany of Hate. Overgaden. Book 20 pp. Juan Uno Etc. Publishing. Copenhagen.
1991 The Urban Delirium Book 98 pp. Juan Uno Etc. Publishing.

Kristian von Hornsleth
"Fuck you art lovers forever"
Signed and numbered Edition

Kristian von Hornsleth
"Village Project Uganda"